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Monday, November 21, 2011

UCATS online petition

The Union of Clerical, Administrative and Technical Staff (UCATS) represents 1,400 employees at New York University. We have been in contract negotiations with NYU since September 14, 2011. After nine bargaining sessions, NYU put just one proposal on the table - to restrict UCATS members to the greivance and arbitration procedures in cases of discrimination - thus denying us access to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Then, on October 26, the university presented their proposals on wages and health insurance givebacks that amount to six years of pay cuts for our members.

NYU had a $114 MILLION profit in the last fiscal year. They have not said that they cannot afford to pay living wages or provide affordable health insurance. They have said that they no longer want to.

The proposals UCATS has made at the bargaining table are modest and universal: living wages, affordable health insurance and respectful working conditions. Please sign our petition to support the 1,400 UCATS workers at NYU.

Our petition to New York University states:

"We the undersigned demand:
1. A fair contract for UCATS with living wages for the NYC metro area;
2. That NYU preserve affordable health insurance for ALL NYU employees;
3. That the UCATS bargaining team be treated with respect at the bargaining table."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Please share our petition with coworkers, students, faculty, and supporters.

In Solidarity,
Stephen Rechner